Wig Myths Debunked

Wig myths debunked

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Let’s face it –wigs in NZ, or anywhere for that matter, get a bad reputation online. From looking too fake, down to being too itchy for your scalp, wigs don’t always get the salon approval they deserve. However, these are all myths, and bad reviews may come from less reliable sources. So why trust them? Despite the rumours, wigs are one of the most viable hair loss solutions that offer the most natural-looking hairstyle. We debunk the most common myths about wigs so you can make a wig purchase without second-guessing.

They are way too costly

As with anything else made with quality, premium wigs are more expensive than cheaply-made ones, and more often than not, you can tell the difference. Quality wigs made from natural hair or premium synthetic wigs made from high-quality hair fibre provide better quality and offer a more appealing natural look. Simply put, high-quality wigs are indeed an investment, but one thing you don’t have to worry about is thinking about how long do wigs lastbecause you'll know, just by the looks of it, that they will last you a long time. Just think of it this way – instead of putting those extra dollars on expensive haircuts, hair treatments, and hairstyling services at a salon, you’re investing in a premium-quality wig tailored to your scalp, face, and style. All these factors taken into consideration, make wig costs all the more worth it.

They are too fake-looking

One of the most common misconceptions about wearing a wig is that everyone will know that you’re wearing one. False! Today’s wigs are designed to look as natural and healthy as possible so that people won't even notice. It’s all about choosing the right kind of wig that best suits your face. Some providers offer high-quality construction wigs and professional installation services, allowing you to wear wigs that are virtually impossible to differentiate from natural hair.

They’re hard to style and maintain 

Wigs require care and maintenance the same way your natural hair does. And more often than not, wigs are far simpler to style than natural hair. Most wigs are already styled from the get-go, which is one less step for your styling process. Wigs are made from high-quality human hair or synthetic hair, making them already stunning as you wear them. All you need to do is follow proper wig maintenance to keep them looking healthy for longer. 

They’ll easily fall off one’s head

A common fear for first-time wig wearers is that wigs can blow off in the wind or fall off unexpectedly. Though this may be a possibility, a reputable wig orhair extensions supplier will not allow this to happen. Thanks to modern advances in wig construction, wigs that are constructed, adjusted, fitted, and worn properly are unlikely to fall off. With professional hairstylists to help you place your wig securely and comfortably, you can go about your day without fear that your wig might fall off anytime.

They are hot when put on and make scalps sweat

Some individuals who are sensitive to heat are apprehensive to wear wigs because they can make scalps sweat. They can be uncomfortable to wear during warmer months, making them unsustainable hair solutions. However, choosing the right wig provider can help you find ideal wigs that are comfortable, cool, and well-ventilated to keep you feeling fresher and cooler throughout the day.

Try out our wigs and debunk the myths for yourself 

When all is said and done, myths will remain myths if you don’t take the risk of testing them out yourself. It’s you who can figure out whether these myths about wigs are fact or fiction. At Superior Hair, we are confident about the products that we offer so much so that they put these myths to rest. We strive to provide our clients with only the most luxurious 100% human hair available. From premium-quality wigs and hair extensions to hairpieces and custom-made men’s toupees, we guarantee our products are healthy-looking, versatile, and comfortable to wear. Don’t let the fear stop you from discovering the most natural-looking hair you can wear for yourself.Contact our team to have a superior hair day, every day!

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