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Hairstyles with tape in extensions: ring in 2023 with new hair!

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Ever since hair extensions were introduced to the world of beauty and fashion, they have added a new dimension to the variety of hairstyles that one can try. People all over the world have enjoyed longer, fuller, and more stylish hair, regardless of style and colour. One of the latest trends that is expected to dominate 2022 ishairstyles with tape-in extensions.

What are tape-inhair extensions, and what style and colour shade options are available for your New Year look? This article features our Ultra Seamless Tape-in Extensions, ideal for a brand-new look for the NYE countdown!

Featuring Our Ultra Seamless Tape-in Extensions to Welcome an Exciting New Year

Ultra Seamless Tape-Ins are the newest answer to the industry’s demand for high-quality and natural-looking hair extensions. Whether it’s for volumising your hair, adding length to your locks, or spicing up your look with bold highlights, this new option can help you explore limitless hairstyles easily.

Here are some of our favourite features for Ultra Seamless Tape-In Extensions.

Natural Look and Feel

Hairstyles with tape-in extensions look more natural and seamless, thanks to their smaller bonds. Compared to other extension types, their bonds are smaller and have no sew lines, allowing this hair extension to blend naturally with your hair to create a flawless impression. 

If you’re ditching your full coloured hair for exciting highlights, seamless hair extensions will give you the smooth and hair colour transition you’re looking for.

Thoughtfully Designed for Fine Hair

Got thin hair and can’t find the perfect extensions? Ultra Seamless Tape-in Extensions are specially designed for people with finer hair. Surprise your friends and family with a total makeover thanks to the volume and added length that this type of extension offers!

The installation of this tape-in hair extension is simple, and it’s also compatible with regular tape or invisi-tapes. These attachments are high-quality, giving your hair more freedom for further styling and modification for a more unique look.

Made with Every Hair Colour and Shade in Mind 

Our tape-in extensions come in a wide spectrum of choices for every hair shade, colour, or hair highlight imaginable. No more worrying that you won’t be able to find the right match!

Whether jet black or off black, variations of brown, or the spectrum of blonde, we have an option for them all.  You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect fit for your natural hair. We can also offer advice on how best to match extensions to your natural colour! 

For installations or advice, talk to Superior Hair!

Our team of hair extension specialists can help you totally transform your natural hair for the coming year. If you want to explore your hairstyle options, browse ourhair extension installation services. You can also contact us for expert advice on which colour, shade, or extension is best for you.Talk to us today!

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