Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair extensions for short hair

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Transforming the look of short hair into a fuller, longer style is easier than ever with the right hair extensions. Choosing hair extensions for short hair can seem daunting, but it's all about finding the right type that blends with your natural hair. No matter what you're looking for - more volume, longer length, or both - there's an option that's just right for you.


Types of Extensions for Short Hair

Clip in extensions: A great option for temporary length and volume, without the commitment of permanent extensions. They are easy to use and remove, and won’t damage your hair, making them ideal for special events or even to boost your daily look. You can choose from many different lengths, colours and styles to match your hair and blend in seamlessly. 

Weft extensions: If you’re after a more permanent solution, weft extensions offer a natural look. It’s sewn into your hair, and good for adding that extra bit of length or volume, without the inconvenience of clip-in extensions. This makes them one of the best hair extensions for short hair out there.

Invisi hair extensions: These extensions are made to sit flat against your head, making them super stealthy and perfect if you want a look that feels totally natural. 


Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair

The best extensions for short hair depends on what suits you and what you’re looking for. Invisi hair extensions provide a lightweight, comfortable wear that won't strain your natural hair but still offers the dramatic or subtle changes you're looking for. Weft extensions come in all sorts of styles and shades, making it easy to find your perfect extensions for short hair. Clip-ins are a great choice for flexibility and fun, without the commitment. 


Hair Extension Installation

It’s important to install your hair extensions for short hair properly so it looks natural. Seeing a professional to get hair extensions for short hair means they'll make sure the extensions are put in just right and mix perfectly with your hair. This way, you get the best short hair extensions that look natural and stylish. 

Clip-in Extensions:

  • Preparation: Make sure your hair is clean, dry, and without knots. Consider teasing the roots slightly where clips will be applied for extra grip.
  • Sectioning the Hair: Begin at the back of your neck, separating horizontal sections of hair and using clips to keep the rest out of the way.
  • Application: Put the clip-in extensions near the roots but not too tightly, making sure they sit flat on your scalp. Move upwards, making sure each extension mixes well with your real hair.
  • Blending: After clipping in all the pieces, style your hair however you like to make the extensions and your natural hair blend together. Using a curler or straightener can make it look more natural.

Weft and invisi hair extension installations is a process that should ideally be done by a professional hairstylist to ensure it is done correctly and safely.


FAQs About Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Q: Can you get extensions with really short hair?

A: Yes, hair extensions can be applied to hair as short as 3 inches, depending on the type of extension and the desired outcome. 

Q: How do I care for my hair extensions?

A: Regular brushing, gentle washing with sulphate-free shampoo, and avoiding excessive heat will help prolong the life of your extensions.

Q: How long do hair extensions last?

A: To make your short hair extensions last longer, brush them often, wash gently using shampoo without sulphates, and try not to use too much heat.

Q: Will hair extensions damage my short hair?

A: If you put them in right and take care of them properly, your short hair extensions won't harm your hair. Make sure to follow the care tips and have a professional help you put them in and take them out.


Ready for your extensions for short hair? 

With the right hair extensions for short hair, you can achieve the look you desire. Whatever style of extensions you want - clip-in, weft or invisi, there’s the best extensions for short hair for you. Explore Superior Hair’s range of hair extensions and discover how easy it is to achieve beautiful, long hair.

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