How to Travel with Hair Extensions: Dos and Don’ts

How to travel with hair extensions: dos and don’ts

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Good hair days don’t need to stop while you’re on holiday. Vacations are a time to look your best! Pack up your bags and roam NZ with hair extensions!They’re a simple yet fun way to change your look for special occasions and make you camera-ready whenever, wherever! And while they’re handy for special trips and out-of-town special events, you want to ensure they’re in pristine condition when you arrive. If you want to know more about how to travel with hair extensions, here are some of our dos and don’ts to keep them in the best possible condition.

Don’t - wear them en route

While you can freely wear them while travelling, you may not want to. Why? Hair extensions such as clip-ins may cause metal detectors to go off at airport security. It can be a hassle to spend time explaining that you’re wearing hair extensions and removing them for security purposes.

Do - secure them in a silk-lined bag

When youbuy hair extensions in NZ, it’s unlikely that you’re also purchasing a bag for it. But trust us when we say you’re going to need it when you travel. And since we recommend not wearing your extensions while you travel, you need somewhere to put them. A silk-lined bag is an excellent solution to keep your extensions smooth and tangle-free while you’re on the road or in an aeroplane. They will protect your hair extensions from damage when they’re inside your luggage.

Don’t - sleep in with your extensions

Whether you’re travelling by land, sea, or plane, hair extensions can get damaged when you sleep wearing them. Airport headrests will frizz your extensions. Bumpy roads may cause matting while you wear them in the car. Either way, it’s not worth damaging your investment.

Do - pack in your carry-on bag

If you want easy access to your hair extensions, pack them in your carry-on bag along with other travel essentials. It’s more convenient to keep them nearby so you can wear them as soon as you land or reach your destination.

Do - keep a brush nearby

Pressed on time and need to wear your extensions? Take a few minutes at rest stops or layovers to brush through your locks to keep your hair and extensions smooth and frizz-free. Follow these tips if you choose to wear them:

Braid them

If you’re expecting to sleep for hours en route, try braiding your hair at the start of the trip to keep your extensions tangle-free by the time you reach your destination.

Use a silk pillowcase

Another hack is to bring a silk pillowcase with you. Silk pillowcases help the strands of your extensions glide through the pillow even while you’re sleeping.

Achieve perfect hair from anywhere in the world! 

Travelling with hair extensions isn’t that complicated! You only need to follow these dos and don’ts to keep them smooth, tangle-free, and ready to wear. Enjoy those long locks and look great wherever you are in the world.

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