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Where does our human hair come from?

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To achieve the most realistic look possible, human hair is the key, with the extensions seamlessly blending in with your natural hair. Many are reluctant when it comes to human hair, often feeling uncomfortable about not knowing where it’s come from. When you shop hair extensions with us, you can be confident in the quality and ethical sourcing of your hair. Below, we discuss where our human hair comes from and how it’s sourced. 

Why is Human Hair Preferred Over Synthetic? 

Human hair is the most popular choice when it comes to extensions and wigs, due to the realistic results they deliver. These results are more than the look and feel of the extensions, as you have far more freedom when it comes to styling. Heat tools can be used with care to style your long and luscious locks, without damaging the extensions.

Where Do Real Human Hair Extensions Come From? 

We work hard to maintain a healthy relationship with our hair suppliers and ensure they are paid fairly, and all hair is obtained ethically. Hair extensions have become more popular globally, but where do real human hair extensions come from, and how does the industry keep up with the demand?

By putting our relationship with suppliers at the forefront of our business, we can ensure that they’re receiving enough money to provide them with a source of income and living wages. All our hair is sourced ethically, and we are devoted to adhering to the strict industry guidelines for hair production to keep things fair and ethical on every level of our supply chain. We do not condone the use of underage workers, underpaid workers, or unethically sourced hair that has become prevalent in the industry.

The Importance of Ethical Sourcing

The world is paying more attention to where their hair comes from as some of the darker aspects of the hair trade come to light. The Guardian explains that hair is generally sourced from impoverished areas, where women are offered small payments for their hair. It’s emphasised that this is not something these women are excited to participate in, usually being a last-resort option to ease their financial strain. Many women in these areas have virgin hair—never dyed, touched by heat tools, and in some cases cut at all—making it a valuable commodity on the dark side of the hair trade.

There are reports of children being manipulated into shaving their heads, and even “prison hair” is rumoured to be on the market. Fortunately, as more light is shed on the issue, more effort is being put into change. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our suppliers, who all source their hair from willing donors across the world. With global standards adapting and the unethical sourcing of hair put under the microscope, we get closer to seeing a change for the better across the industry.

Get Your Dream Locks with Superior Hair Extensions 

What better way to feel confident in your locks than knowing they came from a willing donor? There’s no need to wonder about the circumstances that your product has come from. We are proud to have strong relationships with our international suppliers, to ensure fair treatment of workers, donors, and anybody else involved through the process. Whether you want some extra length, volume, or a bit of both, you can find the perfect hair extensions in NZ at Superior Hair. Book your consultation today!

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