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How to create a natural blend for short hair

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If you have short hair and want to change up your style for a special occasion, using hair extensions is an excellent way to add some length and volume. The challenge is learning how to blend hair extensions with short hair to make it look as seamless as possible. You don’t want to look like you’ve just bought a cheap set of hair extensions at a kiosk and mindlessly clipped them on like a middle schooler; you want to achieve natural-looking layered hair. Here are ways to create a natural blend for short hair using premium quality hair extensions in NZ.

Match it with your hair colour

The worst thing that can happen is choosing the wrong shade of extensions that doesn’t match your natural hair colour. You will end up looking like you have fake hair attached to your short hair. Hair extension colour matching is one of the best ways to create a natural look using hair extensions. Choose the closest shade that matches your hair colour from the mid-lengths to the ends to create a seamless blend.

Purchase extensions perfect for layering

Whether you have thin hair or thick hair, your short hair will need extra coverage. Make sure your extensions have the right amount of thickness so that you have more room for blending. You may purchase two sets of hair extensions with varying lengths but make sure to buy the second set at a shorter length. Remember, the more hair extensions you have to work with, the better.

Style your extensions with your hair

There may be times when you buy extensions that are already styled and you don’t feel the need to style them again. But if you do it this way, it may look like you have choppy hair with noticeable extensions. The best way to achieve a natural blend is to style your hair and extensions together. If you want to curl your hair, curl it at the same time you’re placing your extensions. When you section off your hair, clip in a row of extensions and curl them with your hair until you’ve worked your way up.

Evenly distribute the extensions

The key to making your extensions work is to layer them evenly. Some people make the mistake of placing their extensions at just the back of the hair, with not enough around the sides or higher up towards the crown. You want to make sure that your clip-ins are evenly distributed at the bottom, on the sides, and towards the top to hide the straight cut of your natural hair.

Use hair serum for final touches

With short hair, ends may stick out if you don’t add a good hair serum. Adding hair serum can help seamlessly blend stubborn strands into your extensions so you can achieve the illusion of real, layered hair. You can put the serum from the midshaft and finger comb your hair down to your roots.

Achieve natural-looking locks with Superior Hair

If you’re not a fan of DIY and want to achieve professional-looking locks, our team here at Superior Hair can help. We offer hair extension advice, including which colour to choose to match your natural hair shade. If you live outside Auckland, you can send a sample photo of your hair, and we will help you pick out the closest colour from our wide selection of hair extensions. We also offer advice on what hair care products are suitable and how to use them. Achieve natural-looking locks with Superior Hair and visit us today!

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