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Wigs vs hair toppers: what’s the difference?

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There are several hair systems and hair loss solutions to choose from when dealing with unwanted hair loss. From wearing hair wigs to hair toppers for thinning hair, wearable hair can make all the difference to your posture, disposition, and confidence, as they provide you with ample hair coverage. But what exactly are the differences between wigs and hair toppers? And which one should you opt for? We identify the differences between the two to help you know which one is best for you.


Hair wigs provide total head coverage, while hair toppers for thinning hair only offer coverage for one targeted area. If you’re looking for ways to change up your hairstyle, wearing a hair wig can be a great option. It’s also the best choice for anyone experiencing total hair loss. But if you’re someone who wants to cover up thinning hair in one specific area of your head, hair topers can do an excellent job in covering up partial hair loss or thinning hair. 


Both wigs and hair toppers in NZ are available in a variety of colours and styles. And the two can be made with either synthetic or human hair. The only difference is – hair toppers must match your own hair colour to make it look as natural as possible. On the other hand, you can choose a hair wig in literally any colour that doesn’t have to match your own hair.


Premium-made hair toppers are made from thin and less material, making them more breathable and lightweight to wear. Alternatively, hair wigs cover the whole head. Because they work with more material, wigs are slightly heavier to wear and less breathable than hair toppers.


When wearing a wig, you don’t have to style it as much because some wigs come pre-styled. Plus, your hair isn’t going to be on show when you wear a wig. Hair toppers, on the other hand, may need a little more styling. Because you have to clip them into existing hair, you want to make sure they’re incorporated appropriately into your natural hair to offer a seamless appearance.


Hair toppers are generally more affordable than wigs because they take less time to be made. Premium-made wigs or luxury human hair wigs can cost you a little more. Remember though that no matter the price, you’re investing in wearable hair that can help you gain more confidence, and you can’t put a price on that!

Which wearable hair option should I choose? 

Both wigs and toppers are excellent hair solutions with their own specialties. If you’re experiencing partial or gradual hair loss and want to add volume to your natural hair, hair toppers may be the option for you. But if you desire to change your hairstyle or are experiencing total hair loss, hair wigs offer the overall coverage you need.

Wear your hair confidently!

We understand the challenges of experiencing unwanted hair loss. That is why at Superior Hair, we make the experience of looking for hair loss solutions easy and fuss-free. Our products offer ample coverage and are comfortable to wear so that you’re always looking your best.

As one of New Zealand’s leading providers of custom hair units, we can create a suitable integrated hair system that is perfect for you. Call us today for a free consultation!

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