Our newest addition! The famous 'GENIUS WEFT'!

Our newest addition! the famous 'genius weft'!

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Our newest addition to our Weft Collection is the “Genius Weft”.

It is the most premium style of weft in the hair extension market and serves to be the most preferred choice among stylists.

Genius weft extension being cut along the seams

With traditional wefts, the seams are a lot thicker, however they able to be cut. These wefts suit those that are wanting that extra thickness.

Hand-Tied Weft Extensions come much thinner, so it’s easy to blend into your hair without and lumps and bumps! However, they cannot be cut, so they if they are too long, they will need to be folded over when installing.

Good thing about our new Genius wefts, they are both thin AND can be cut along the seams! Making it practically invisible! Its customization abilities are why it’s such a flexible choice.

The Genius Weft uses a new method of machine weaving, which allows the hair to be tightly weaved meaning no return hair! Return hair is something that is usually present in Hand-Tied Weft Extensions. For many people return hair isn’t too much of an issue, however people with sensitive scalp can be irritated by those few strands that come apart. This new machine weaving method ensures that the above doesn’t occur.

Traditional wefts come much denser, not allowing for it to be stacked on top of another seamlessly or create colour blends.

Hand Tied Wefts, come less dense allowing you to layer multiple wefts and create unique blends.

Genius Weft allows you to have more density than the Hand Tied all while still giving you the ability to create unique colour blends and stack multiple wefts.

Genius weft being folded over to see the seam

Coming in 30+ colours, SHE Genius Weft is ready to have our stylists on chokehold!



We highly recommend to not allow the use of Olaplex on the band of the extensions as the active ingredients in Olaplex can break the band. 


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