Rihanna and Kim Kardashian in a messy bun and sleek bun look

The most perfect bun: superior hair clip-in bun!

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From the likes of the Kardashians to Rihanna, we’ve seen many celebrities rock the bun look.  Whether it be a messy bun or sleeked down one, there’s a bun to suit every individual. Luckily, we’ve launched a new and improved version of our previous buns, that caters to all the styles. Now with a drawstring feature, it allows you to keep your bun completely secured on your head, without any worries of it falling apart.

Read on for the instructions to see just how easy it is to wear.

How to wear Superior Hair Clip-In Bun

1. Tie your own hair into a tight bun at your desired placement on your head

    2. Gently brush through your Drawstring Bun using our Loop Hair Extensions Brush, or a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles.

      3. Insert the 4 combs under the base of your natural bun one at a time, ensuring they are slid underneath the hair tie. Pull the drawstring tight.

      4. Style your bun as desired by tucking the ends underneath the bun or wrapping it around. Use bobby pins to secure the ends in place.

      TIP: For a sleek bun, slick the hair downwards and tightly tuck the ends underneath the bun. For a messy bun, wrap the hair in different directions and pull out random pieces of the hair, loosely tucking. the ends.

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