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Hairoscopes - autumn 2023 with superior hair extensions

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In honor of the new month coming in, here's what your HAIROSCOPE has planned for you for the new season.

Aries & Leo

Ponytail extensions

This season you're in your boss era. You're putting in the work and handling business. Rolling up your sleeves and tying up your hair. You’re ready to get to the nitty and gritty. The situation no longer takes control of you, you take control of the situation. You’re seeing yourself evolve into the strong woman you’ve always wanted to be. You may find that you need to be in control from beginning to end and so at times you may overwork yourself. Don’t let that overwhelm you, understand you can take a break when you need it.

Highlight your boss era and opt for a SHE Ponytail! Get down to business and look glamorous doing it. Our SHE Ponytail is an easy and time efficient option, especially for those on a tight schedule. Let us help you from overworking yourself by making mornings easier for you when getting ready.

Capricorn & Sagittarius

Girls with Clip-In Extensions

This season you’re calming down, you’re going back to the basics. Back to the things you love doing. You need a breather from all the changes life has been throwing at you. Which is completely okay! Go back to watching that favourite movie you’ve rewatched a thousand and one times. Go back to eating your favourite comfort food. Go back to doing those late night drives and chats with your girls.  Go back to the classics. Let yourself be at peace this season. It will be more beneficial than you think.

What better way for us to help you go back to your classics than with our Classics! Classic Clip-Ins are the perfect options for that soft glam look. Pair your Classic Clip-In Extensions with soft curls and brush it out with our SHE Bristle Brush. This is your healing girl era, embrace it.

Aquarius and Cancer

Girl with Halo Extensions at beach

You're ready to add some depth to your life. You're leaving surface level satisfactions and you're seeking for fulfilling quality satisfactions. Whether it be surface level friendships, surface level jobs, surface level relationships, surface level commitments, they’re all taking a kick to the curb this season. Not only will this allow for the quality external relationships in your life to flourish but also the internal relationship with yourself. You’ll understand who you really are this season, what you want and what you need on a much deeper level.

Reflect this new found depth into your life by adding some depth into your hair with our Halo Extensions. The Halo Extensions not only adds depth, but also makes it that much effortless to do so. Let effortlessness adding depth into your hair be a guide to letting effortlessness adding depth into your life. Leave those surface level satisfactions babe! 

Pisces & Scorpio

Clip-In bun extensions, rihanna with messy bun

You're in your soft girl era this season. You're enjoying slowing things down, tapping into your feminine energy and really romanticising all the little things in your life. As a working woman in a hustle driven society, it can be hard to remove your trained masculine actions, which can stop you from really taking the time to appreciate all those little things that you should be grateful for. Have some me time! Put on your favourite pair of pjays, face mask on, binge watch your favourite TV show. Or additionally go outside! Go out in your favourite dainty outfit and heels, go get your nails done then stop by your favourite coffee shop and enjoy your favourite beverage.

Tap into your soft girl era, with our SHE Clip-In Bun. Make your looks that much more dainty and feminine with a soft loose curl romantic updo. Or go for a slicked back bun to keep it clean and minimalistic. Whether its soft loose bun or a clean slicked bun, our bun can help you step into your soft girl era with ease.

Gemini & Libra

Kim Kardashian with fringe, Clip-In fringe extensions

You are the IT girl this season. Your boldness and uniqueness has all eyes on you. You’re someone that craves versatility and this characteristic will come into play and work in your favour this season. Opportunities will be made from your creative abilities. YOU will be the one to set trends. People will rely on you to lead the creative space this season – whether it be your sense of fashion, hair, beauty, or any and every other creative space. Don’t be afraid though, there’s no pressure at all, because you do it effortlessly!

What better way to be the IT Girl this season than in our SHE Clip-In Fringe. Opt for a look that not only looks bold and unique but effortless. Something about a fringe that plays into the whole mystery of an IT girl! Set the trend this season, whether it be in the form of a bun with a blown out fringe or loose waves with a feathery fringe.

Taurus & Virgo

Kylie with green wig, Girls and mannequins with multiple wigs

You’re going to be bold and confident this season! You’re going to try things you haven’t before or were too afraid. You’re overcoming fears and taking the leap. You’re even considering taking on a new identity or multiple! And we’re here for it! This doesn’t necessarily mean changing names and going to a different country to live a different life. This could be you’ve signed up to a taekwondo class – something your regular every day you would never in a million years would think of doing. This isn’t the season to opt for the safe choices. The motto is go big or go home!

Since go big or go home is the motto this season, it’s time for you to go big AND go home with our Superior Hair Human Hair Wigs! Claim that new identity or claim multiple with the diverse range of colours that are available in our wig range. Feel like going for a 14 inch straight black bob? Fierce! Want to change it up to a burgundy 18” loose waves? Alluring and completely doable!


There you have it! Your Hairoscope from Superior Hair ❤️ 

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