Our favourite holiday trend for 2023 - Hair Tinsels!

Our favourite holiday trend for 2023 - hair tinsels!

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If we had to choose one hair look that we love for the holiday time it would be tinsel hair! Who doesn't love a little sparkle to glam up their hair? 

What is Tinsel Hair?

Also known as unicorn hair or glitter hair, hair tinsels are metallic hair like streamers that are clipped into your hair to give your hair that sparkly effect!  

Superior Hair Clip-In Tinsels

At superior hair we love the glitz and glam of the holiday season, and so to match that we’ve launched our very own hair tinsels! Coming in 3 of our favourite colours – silver, purple and pink! And they can be heat styled! But please do refrain from styling them with heat more than once, or let it cool before you begin to style them again, otherwise they won't be as pretty!

silver tinsels sparkling in black hairpurple hair tinsels sparkling in brown hairpink hair tinsels sparkling in blonde hair

If you haven’t worn tinsels in your hair before, this is the year to give it a try! It doesn’t just have to be the Christmas tree getting all the tinsel love this year.

Here are a few of our favorite celebrities incorporating hair tinsels to elevate their look: 

beyonce with iridiscent silver hair tinsels on red carpet

We’ve got Beyonce with her silver iridescent tinsels in her gorgeous dirty blonde number. Subtle but effective!

winnie harlow with rainbow hair tinsels on runway show

Winnie Harlow strutting it on the runway, with her rainbow tinsels to match with her rainbow sparkling accessories. We can guarantee the lights on the runway had a blast with this one!

There’s plenty more hairstyles you can use your tinsels in, to elevate your holiday look. Head over to our Tik Tok page, to see a few of our team demonstrating some tinsel looks ! 


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