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7 different holiday hairstyles for 7 different holiday moods

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As merry as the holiday season can be, it can also be quite stressful. From gift shopping to party set up to even more shopping. The whole shazam can sometimes make you want to pull a hair or two. To make the holiday season easier for you, we’ve come up with 7 different hairstyles for you to wear, so you have one less thing to worry about. Whether you’ll be having a chill night at home, or going on vacation, we have plenty of looks to serve whatever holiday mood you’re in.  Instead of you pulling a hair or two, we’ll help your hair pull a look or two! 

1. Couch Hair - Loose Waves

Shay Mitchell with loose waves, in cozy outfitKim K on couch with effortless loose waves, long hair
What screams couch hair than some effortless loose waves. Loose waves are the no makeup- makeup look of hair. The perfect addition to when you’re chilling on the couch in your pajamas, wine in your hand, and Christmas classics playing on the tv.
Add some volume and length, to achieve that effortless perfection. Pair it with our Classic Halo Extensions. Our Halo extensions are so easy to wear that it actually plays into the effortlessness of it all. Then go ahead and use a big barrel curler, and curl away. There you have it, the perfect effortless loose waves for every couch occasion.

2. It's a Christmas Date - Romantic Updo

romantic updo with fanned out braid along the sidekendall jenner with romantic updo
Spending Christmas with your significant other? Going on a fancy dinner, or maybe having a home cooked meal. Opt for a romantic updo.
The best thing about updos is that they can look super elegant while not being so difficult to do.

Use our SHE Tail Comb to make the updo process that much easier. Add a braid down the side and use the tail comb to slide into your hair to fluff it up slightly. You’re all good to go. Your significant other is bound to fall in love with you all over again.

3. Last minute celebration - Ponytail 

sleek low ponytailcurly high up ponytail
Maybe you weren’t really in the holiday spirit leading up to the festivities, but now that it’s here, you’re actually up for it. Try our ponytail extensions! It’s super quick to wear and great for last minute activities. Simply just put your hair into a ponytail and wrap your Superior Hair Ponytail around your hair tie and pin it. You’re good to go!

You can style your ponytails in different ways. Want a sleeker look? Slick down your baby hairs and put your hair in a tight pony, then straighten out your ponytail. Now you’re giving chic and high fashion. Maybe you want to opt for a voluminous pony. Bring out some front pieces and curl them, along with the rest of your pony. So pretty!!

4. Glamorous - Hollywood waves

Hollywood waves, brunette hollywood wavesKim kardashian with hollywood waves
Is this the year you want to go all out? Maybe you’re having a Kardashian style Christmas. Every item in the house cohesive and on theme to the holiday season, glamorous outfits, plenty of guests and overall super extravagant. Match your celebrations with a hairstyle that screams glamorous. Hollywood waves! Unleash your inner star! The spotlight is bound to be on you with this classic look.

Our Seamless Clip-ins will be the perfect tool to achieve this look! It’ll give you so much volume to work with and will give you such a gorgeous finish, that your guests will assume you must have had a whole glam to cater to you. What’s more Hollywood than that!

5. Bauble spirit - Bubble braids

Voluminous bubble braid hairstylehigh ponytail bubble braid
The Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the only one with the bauble spirit this year. It could be you! Really get into the Christmas spirit with your hair this year by opting for a bubble braid.

First put in your Superior Hair Ponytail Extension, then tie the ponytail every few centimeters down the pony with smaller hair ties. Then really spread out those sections you’ve created to an almost bubble-like shape. Now you’re wondering if the bauble on the Christmas tree looks better or yours. We bet it's yours!

6. Rich Aunt - Sleek updo

rich aunt hairstyle, slick back bun with two front piecesolivia rodrigo wearing slick back bun at met
You’ve had enough of the chaos and mayhem the past few years, so this year you’re wanting to put up a polished classy front. Try a sleek slicked back updo. Step into the holiday season, like the rich aunt you always dreamed of growing up into.

Our SHE Tail comb is the perfect tool to really get those baby hairs to be brushed out of your face and into a bun. Perfect it even more by adding gel or hairspray then comb it back again with your comb. Then use the end of the tail comb to really glide the product down and back.

7.  Glam but make it practical - Half up Half Down

jennifer lopez with half up half down hairstyleinsta model with half up half down wavy hair
Maybe you want to do glam, but also be practical with it. Want to have a full hair down moment but don’t want it blowing in your face every few minutes? Try a half up half down look.

Use our Classic Clip-In Extensions to add volume to both parts of your hair. Use our SHE Bristle Brush to put up half your hair up into a ponytail or bun without getting it caught in your extensions. It's designed specifically for extensions! Now that your hair is up, you’re all good to go!

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