Caring for hair extensions with argan or coconut oil

How to care for hair extensions through winter

Hair extensions are a great way to change your look for the new season. While it’s fun to sport your luscious locks during family gatherings and nights out, you need to care for them as you do with your natural hair. Protecting your hair is imperative no matter the season, buthair extensions careduring winter is even more critical. We all know that the cold weather can dry your hair, make it brittle, and lose its lustre. But don’t fret – there are plenty of ways to keep your hair extensions as natural and healthy-looking as possible with our expert tips! When you  shop hair extensions at Superior Hair, we let you know how to keep them looking natural during NZ’s winter weather.


Reduce hair showers

Wintertime can dry your hair strands and make them brittle, causing split ends! That is why washing your hair and hair extensions every day is a no-no during winter. It’s better to minimise hair wash days and allow room for little grease to form in your hair. Your scalp’s natural oils provide your hair follicles with all the nourishment it needs to stay healthy. This means one day of not washing your hair isn’t all that bad! 


Find a nourishing shampoo

If it’s a hair wash day, use a shampoo that nourishes your hair rather than completely stripping it of its natural oils. Look for shampoos containing argan oil and coconut oil that make your hair moisturised and luscious. Invest in protecting your hair extensions with a shampoo designed to cleanse the strands without destroying the bonds used to secure them.


Try hair masks

A weekly hair mask will also do wonders for hair extension care during winter. Hair masks put all the nutrients back into your hair after the cold weather has stripped the moisture from it. Best way to do it? Apply your hair masks at the end of your extensions and leave them overnight for the best results.


Use heat protectors

We understand that it’s harder to dry your hair during wintertime, and often you’re left to use heating tools, such as a blow drier, which can dry and negatively impact your hair. We recommend using a heat protector before using hair dryers and straighteners. This will minimise dry hair, breakage, and split ends.  


Protect hair before bedtime

High-quality  human hair extensions in NZ are not cheap, so you should go the extra mile when caring for them. By extra mile, we mean protecting your hair even during the night. Whether you know it or not, you toss and turn while you sleep. Tossing and turning can easily tangle your hair extensions. To avoid damage and breakage, tie the back of your hair in a loose plait using a soft hair tie. A silk pillow will also minimise the chances of tangling your extension bonds; your hair will glide with the fabric even when you move around during sleep.

Get superior care with Superior Hair

Don’t get discouraged from getting hair extensions this winter. The Superior Hair team will guide you through the best routine for hair extensions care. We also offer expert advice on which hair extension method is best for your unique hair type so you can enjoy your luscious locks, whatever the weather! To enquire about our salon services,  book an appointment today

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