Nano tip hair extension installation

Introduction to nano tip hair extensions

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Semi-permanent extensions are great, but some individuals are apprehensive about getting them done because of the lengthy, arduous, and sometimes painful installation. We’re here to tell you thathair extension installation doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and time-consuming.Nano tip hair extensions are the latest craze in the world of hair extensions. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and best of all, pain-free! Here’s what you need to know about these semi-permanent hair extensions to understand what the rave is all about.

They’re natural-looking

Let’s face it, some extensions don’t feel genuine or look natural. But that’s not the case with Nanos. Nanos are one of the newest technologies inhuman hair extensions that feature much smaller and more comfortable micro rings. Their size makes them lightweight and utterly discreet. And since they’re less visible than other types of hair extensions, they offer a completely natural look. They’re 90% smaller than standard micro rings, making them virtually undetectable.

People with thin hair will love them

Hair extensions are a godsend for individuals with thin hair. However, clip-ins, tape-ins, or micro rings just don’t cut it for those with thin hair. Sometimes thin hair isn’t enough to hide the attachments at the root and may result in unnatural-looking locks. But thanks to Nanos, those with thin hair don’t have to suffer from the appearance of obvious hair extensions. The acrylic tips can be fitted close to the face, ensuring a voluminous, glossy, and natural hairstyle. Nano tip hair extensions have a subtle design, making them a perfect and painless alternative for fine or thin-haired women. 

They can be installed without the need for heat or glue

One of the best things about Nano hair extensions is that they can be installed without you having to worry about hair damage. Professional hair stylists can easily attach them without heat, glue, or chemicals. The bonded strands are attached strand by strand to your hair, squeezing a small acrylic ring flat. The rings are silicone-lined to prevent damage. The result? An effortlessly natural look.

They’re extremely comfortable to wear

Aside from being virtually invisible, Nanos are as light as a feather when worn. You may even forget you’re wearing one! They’re extremely comfortable because they’re much smaller than micro rings. While the fitting technique is the same with micro rings, the size makes all the difference when it comes to nano tip extensions. Nano tip hair extensions are threaded through a Nano ring. They're secured with small pliers where your stylist clamps them into place. Because they’re smaller and lighter, it blends into your hair much more seamlessly, without the extra weight! 

They’re reusable and long-lasting

Investing in Nanos is all worth it because they can be reused time and time again. All you need to do is book maintenance appointments wherein the extensions are reapplied at the roots of your hair every 8 to 12 weeks. And with the right care, they can last up to six months.

Get Nano tip hair extensions installed by professionals!

Don’t leave your hair in the hands of just anyone! Choose a qualified and experienced hairstylist who can give you a proper assessment and advise you on the best kind of extensions and fitting methods for your hair. At Superior Hair, we can advise you on how to keep your hair healthy and what hair extensions are the best for your needs. At Superior Hair, we offerNano tip hair extensions at great prices! Using an acrylic tip and Nano beads, we can help you achieve natural-looking hair without difficulty! Ready for a hair transformation?Contact us today.

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