#613 Platinum Blonde Classic Halo Hair Extensions

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Classic Halo extensions works best with natural hair at shoulders

15-16 Inches | 140g | 1 main 10 Inch wide Halo piece (110 grams) + 2x 4 Inch wefts (15 grams each)

20-21 Inches | 180g | 1 main 10 Inch wide Halo piece (140 grams) + 2x 4 Inch wefts (20 grams each)


Please note: One of your 4 inch wefts will be on top of your pink box for colour matching purposes. This is apart of your full set!

Classic halo hair extensions instantly add length and volume with a weft secured with invisible miracle wire that is placed on the crown of your head. You can choose from 6 different sized nylon wires to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit. Secure and blend your halo hair extensions with 2 clip in extensions for a quick complete look.

This halo hair extension system can be secured in less than a minute and flawlessly blends with your natural hair. This technology does not damage your hair, and can easily be removed after use. No salon visits needed!

Perfect for thin to medium and medium-thick hair types, these extensions work best on below shoulder-length hair styles to add volume, colour, and length.

All Superior Hair products are made with 100% Remy human hair. These extensions come smooth out of the box but can be curled and styled to suit your needs with hot tools.

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✓ Always: curl, tone, and straighten your hair extensions as needed
✓ Always: use alcohol and sulphate-free hair products
✓ Always: use heat protection when using hot styling tools
✓ Always: for greasy hair, use dry shampoo that is made specifically for hair extensions
✓ Always: use a Hair extension friendly brush for smooth results when brushing


✓ Never: over-wash your extensions - only wash them every 10-15 uses
✓ Never: brush your hair extensions while they are wet - this could damage them
✓ Never: bleach, lighten, or dye your extensions
✓ Never: use products containing alcohol or sulphates
✓ Never: wear extensions when swimming or sleeping
✓ Never: use products made for volume or dyed hair.


1. Make sure your hair is brushed and tangle free. Brush your hair extension with a Tangle Teezer, wide toothed comb, or paddle brush.

2. Section your hair at the crown and tie this in a bun at the top of your head. Leave some hair in the front out to frame your face. This will be held to blend your extensions and natural hair.

3. Apply your halo by placing it where your hair has been parted below your bun so it sits like a headband. It should feel secure above your ears.

4. Secure this with your clip in extensions around two inches above your ears. Fasten the clips closest to your hairline first. This helps to blend flawlessly and adds extra oomph!

5. Release your bun and blend your natural into the extensions by brushing it carefully. We suggest using a Loop hair extension brush, but if you don’t have one, just be sure to brush cautiously to avoid snagging.



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We are very happy to accomodate returns and exchanges within 180 days of your product purchase provided that the product has not been opened, worn, or tampered. The seal should not be broken on the product packaging.

Please note: All clip extensions, ponytail extensions, and halo extensions include a tester piece. This allows you to match the colour to your hair without opening the product package.

If you wish to return your product, make sure you return all pieces including the tester piece. If all pieces are not received, we will be unable to provide you with a refund or exchange.

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Debbie De ruiter

Such a pretty colour and easy to use

Before and After

Before Superior Hair Halo Extensions Transformation


Without Superior Hair Halo

After Superior Hair Halo Extensions Transformation


With Superior Hair Halo

Before Superior Hair Halo Extensions Transformation


Without Superior Hair Extensions

After Superior Hair Halo Extensions Transformation


With Superior Hair Extensions

Before Superior Hair Extensions Transformation


Without Superior Hair Extensions

After Superior Hair Extensions Transformation


With Superior Hair Extensions

See Our Clients Wearing This Colour


Yes! Superior Hair halo extensions can be worn at six different sizes in the one product. Simply adjust the size of the miracle wire by securing it in the chosen slot. Make sure the halo sits gently against your head and does not move when you shake your head.

No - Halo hair extensions cannot slip or fall out if they are applied correctly and are the correct size for your head. If you are worried about this, we suggest purchasing a few extra clip in extensions to help secure the miracle wire. Hair should not fall away from the clip or wire, but if it does, give us a call in-store and we can help.

Your hair should be below shoulder-length (medium to long length). We do not recommend Halo extensions for those with short hair as it is difficult to create a seamless blend. Ask our team about options for short hair now.

Beautiful results are super easy to achieve with both of these methods, but the difference is in the application technique. If you love spending time doing your hair in front of the mirror - clip ins may be your best choice. If you are always on the run, try a halo extension.

Our Clip in Collection – Lengths and weight:

Seamless clip in set: 10 pc, 20inch (180g) - For serious all-round coverage

Classic clip in value set: 7pc, 14inch (80g) 20inch (90g)  - Add volume for an affordable

Classic clip in regular set: 9pc,
16inch (105g), 20inch (125g), 22inch (125g) and 26inch (145g) - Add great volume and length

• Application: wefts with a lace or silicone are applied using clips to secure 

• Application time: with middle skill level, these can be applied in a few minutes

• Hair type: suitable for a range of thicknesses

• Hair length: your hair should be at least 6-7 inches long (which is around shoulder

• Hair styles: high ponytail, up-dos, buns, all are possible 

Our Classic halo collection - Lengths and weight:

20 Inch (180g) includes one halo weft plus additional clip on wefts.

• Application: Halo weft applied use a nylon wire with extra clips for security + 2 clip wefts to help blend in the hair that frames your face

• Application time: middle skill level and can be applied in a few minutes

• Hair type: suitable for thin – medium and thick hair

• Hair length: Your hair should be below shoulder-length (medium to long length).

• Hair styles: Suitable for down or half down styles, experiment with sliding the halo for one side for side braids and ponytails 

Our hair extensions are made from Remy 100% human hair, so you can style them with hot tools as often as you would style your own hair. It is super important to always use a heat protector on both your extension and your natural hair to prevent damage.

Find an extension colour that is as close as possible to your natural hair around half way down the strand, rather than at the root or tip.

We always recommend you get in touch with our team for a colour matching service to ensure you get extensions that look flawless. We can colour match you in-store and online. Find out more here.

1. Always brush your extensions before you wash them.

2. Prepare a clean sink or bowl with lukewarm water.

3. Pump or 3 dollops of paraben, sulphate, alcohol and keratin free shampoo into the water and dissolve.

4. Shampoo each extensions separately by holding the bond and dipping the hair into the water. Massage gently with light strokes

5. Follow up with conditioner on the mids and ends. Leave them on a towel for around 1 minutes before rinsing.

6. Apply a deep conditioner or hair mask and leave them overnight.

7. Rinse each extension the following morning in warm water.

8. Allow them to air dry, or use heat protectant and a hair dryer.

Remember: always use a shampoo that is paraben, sulphate, alcohol and keratin free. Only condition the mids and ends of your extensions. Following these rules will
extend the life of your extensions.

Yes! All our hair extensions are made from high-quality human hair - meaning that they can be dyed easily to match your natural hair perfectly. While you can dye the extensions, we recommend avoiding any chemical treatments as the hair has been processed and sterilised.

Try to choose a shade closest to your natural hair color so there’s no need to dye it.

If you do need to, opt for a semi-permanent colour or colour conditioner. We also suggest
testing the dye on a few strands to ensure the final result is what you want.

While you can use dye, we take no responsibility for any damage caused by dying your hair extensions. Refunds will not be offered for damage caused by colouring, dyeing, or using any chemical process voids any warranty.  

We also offer a range of colour-matching services, if you want to be certain it’s the right shade for you.. Check out our Colour Match page, or simply contact us with photos of your hair under natural lighting. 

Sure! Our 100% human hair extensions can be toned to appear brighter in colour. Removable extensions can be toned in a lukewarm bath with diluted purple shampoo for the best results.