Classic Barbie Animated Movie Hair and Outfit Looks

Classic barbie movie hairstyles: our top 5 styles with superior hair extensions

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The festivities and nostalgia of the recent Barbie Season, is everything the little girls in us have dreamed of! Barbie, the iconic fashion doll, has graced the silver screen in a multitude of classic animated movies, captivating audiences of all ages. Her impeccable style, including her iconic hairdos, has left a lasting impression on fans around the world.  

In honour of this Barbie Season, we'll delve into our top 5 iconic hairstyles from the Classic Barbie animated movies for inspo when going to watch the new Barbie Movie, along with our pink outfits of course! 

The Timeless Barbie Ponytail 

Barbie T.V show barbie in iconic ponytailSuperior Hair Ponytail Extensions












The classic Barbie ponytail is a symbol of sophistication and grace and is literally I . Whether she's attending a gala or embarking on an adventure, Barbie's sleek and high ponytail has become synonymous with the iconic brand. Sport this look with  Superior Hair Ponytails!

The Graceful Barbie Ballerina Bun 

Barbie dacning in Barbie and the NutcrackerBarbie Hair in Swan Lake

In ballet-themed movie such as in 'Barbie and the Nutcracker' or 'Barbie of the Swan Lake', Barbie exudes elegance with her ballerina bun. This graceful updo perfectly complements her ballet performances, reflecting both her passion for dance and her sophisticated style. Sport this look with the Superior Hair Clip-In Bun!

Barbie's Versatile Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle 

Barbie Princess and the Pauper hairSuperior Hair Halo Extensions

For more casual and everyday scenes, Barbie often sports a chic half-up half-down hairstyle. This versatile look showcases her effortless beauty which was very significant with both barbies in 'Princess and the Pauper'. Sport this look with the Superior Hair Classic Halo Extensions

The Ethereal Barbie Braid 

Barbie in Rapunzel long hair with braidsBarbie long braid in Rapunzel while painting

For those soft, feminine looks, Barbie embraces her sports a nice long braid or incorporates smaller braids into her other hairstyles. This ethereal hairstyle perfectly complements her creative spirit which we can see in her 'Rapunzel' movie. Sport this look with Superior Hair Classic Clip-In Extensions!

Barbie's Enchanting Mermaid Waves with a Pop of Colour

Barbie Hair in Mermaid TaleBarbie Mermaid Tale 2

Dive into a world of magic with Barbie's mermaid waves with colour, often featured in her underwater-themed  movies like 'Barbie in Mermaid Tale'. These cascading waves beautifully complement her mermaid persona and the pop of pink in her hair adds an extra dose of adventerous to her character.  Sport this hair with Superior Hair Tinsel Clip-Ins


Leaving a mark on fans worldwide, these timeless hairstyles are a testament to Barbie's beauty and her status as a beloved cultural icon for generations.   

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