How to care for your hair extensions and wigs

It is important that you take care of your hair extensions and wigs on a regular basis. While hair extensions and wigs made out of real human hair are easy to style and maintain, they require a certain level of care to lessen the growth of bacteria or fungus, prevent the build-up of dandruff and minimize any other negative effect it might have on your scalp. 

Below are some simple yet effective ways for you to take care of your hair extension and wig.

1. Wash your Hair Extensions and wigs regularly:

Everyday your hair extensions and wigs are exposed to a variety of elements as you go about your daily activities. To lessen or prevent the build-up of dirt or debris you need to practice proper hair care. You need to wash your hair extension every 2 to 3 days if they are permanently or semi-permanently attached to your head. If they are clipped in temporarily, then you need to wash your hair 1 to 2 times per month.  Additionally, you have to use the right hair care products and routine to prevent damage. This way, your hair will remain in good condition, look great and last longer.

2. Pack your hair before sleeping, exercising or swimming:

    It is extremely important that you pack your hair properly before sleeping, exercising or swimming. Your hair can tangle and form tight knots that are difficult to loosen during these activities. This can lead to hair damage and breakage as you try to fix the problem. Simply brushing your hair before braiding or making a ponytail will keep your hair in place & prevent any surprises. Remember, to dry your hair properly before you brush, style and braid your hair. This will not only protect your hair but make things easier and leave you with a sleek looking hair extension.

    3. Avoid Excess Heat:

    Constant use of heated tools such as a hot roller or iron can damage the bonds or clips of your synthetic hair. To prevent hair damage and breakage, be sure to use a heat protection spray or allow your hair to air dry. Be sure to use your heating tools at the appropriate heating temperature to straighten your hair and limit any side effects whatsoever.   

    4. Use a conditioner regularly:

    Your hair extensions and wigs do not benefit from the moisturizing and protective benefits of the natural oils (sebum) your scalp produces. To prevent dryness you have to regularly apply restorative conditioner to your hair extensions and wigs, at least two to three times before shampooing.

    5. Avoid Chemicals in your Hair Products: 

      The content of your hair care products also matters a lot. Chemicals like sulphates and parabens can strip your hair extensions and wigs from its oil, moisture and infiltrate your body. Hair Care Products that are sulphate, paraben and sodium chloride-free will leave your hair extensions in perfect condition while protecting you from any harmful side effects.

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