Hairstylist putting hairpiece on bald man

How are our men's hairpieces are attached using tape

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Losing hair can be frustrating for many men.Fortunately, hair replacement wigs and toupees have come a long way in recent years. They are a great option to restore your hair, especially if you want to avoid the risks that come with surgery. 

In this blog we'll be going through the process of attaching a men's hair replacement piece.

Refer to the video below for the detailed process captured on video:

 Step 1: Hair Template

Hair replacement template on man's head

 Your custom template will be used as indication for where your hairpiece will sit. 

Step 2: Shave

shaving man's hair using measurement

The markings you created on the head using the template, will now be used as indication on where to clean shave on the head.

Step 3: Cut

cutting extra skin base of hair replacement toupee

Cut off any extra base, if needed.

Step 4: Tape

Taping hair replcement toupee

Tape the hairpiece using double sided tape.

Step 6: Attach

Attaching taped hairpiece to man's head

The now taped hairpiece will be attached to the clean shaven area on the man's head.

Step 7: Measure

Measuring placement of hairpiece on head using hands on forehead

Hands on the forehead can be used as a guide to make sure hairpiece is not placed too far or forawrd or too far back on head. 

Step 8: Place

Hands pressing hairpiece firmly on to man's head

The hairpiece will then be pressed firmly on the head to make sure it is secure.

Step 8: Cut and Style 

Cutting and styling men's hair replacement toupee/wig

The hairpiece can then be cut and styled to the man's preference. It is recommended to cut and style after hairpiece is attached rather than prior. This is to reduce any errors in the desired final look.

Step 9: Smile

Man looking at himself in the mirror with a hair replacement wig/toupee

Now there's a big grin going from left to right as you look at yourself in the mirror with your new hairdo. 

Attaching a men's hair replacement wig/toupee is a fairly clean and easy process. Remember to choose a piece that matches your hair colour and type, and make sure you took good care of it. You'll be looking your most confident self !

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