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Men’s hair topper style tips for a natural looking hair system

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There are plenty of ways men can tackle thinning hair. One of them is with hair toppers. While wearing a hair topper may seem unnatural initially, the right styling strategies can make yours appear effortless and natural. At Superior Hair, we ensure you never lose self-confidence while wearing our hair toppers.
Hair toppers require just as much styling as real human hair. That's why we offer hair replacement systems made from 100% human hair, giving you the flexibility to try many hair topper styles. Here are our top tips for styling our men’s hair topper systems so you can achieve the best, most natural, and discreet hair solution.

Stick to air drying
While it can be tempting to dry your hair faster after a shower, heated styling tools can damage your hair strands. Whether styling synthetic or natural hair systems, we recommend air drying or using lukewarm water to wet set curls to keep them looking healthy and softer for longer.

Use a specialty brush or comb
Most men manage to go about their day without brushing their hair. But you’d be amazed just by how much brushing can do to bring out your hair’s lustrous shine. Brushing your hair can significantly reduce frizz and improve hair texture. Invest in a specialty brush or comb that effectively smoothens out and detangles hair without pulling. A soft boar bristle brush contains natural sebum, the same oil produced by the scalp, that acts as a natural conditioner you can evenly distribute by brushing your hair.


Invest in good styling products
After brushing, you want to make sure the style stays that way. To keep your hair firmly in place and looking fresh for longer is through styling products designed to keep your hair hold its shape! Remember, human hair systems such as hair toppers do not moisturise the same way as your hair. Therefore, choose moisturising and alcohol-free products to prevent unnecessary dryness and damage.


Add some colour
If you want to try something new, why not mix things up by changing your hair colour? Human hair systems are far easier to colour than synthetic hair strands. Plus, synthetic hair strands can only be darkened, not lightened. On the other hand, human hair toppers go through the same hair dying procedure as normal hair so even with a change of colour or variance in colour blending, you can still achieve the most natural-looking coloured hair. Professional stylists can help you dye or colour a human hair system to achieve the best results.


Shop the best hair toppers in NZ at Superior Hair

Give yourself the confidence boost you need with high-quality hair systems that make every day a good hair day! At Superior Hair, we offer ready-to-wear hair toppers for men and women that you can wear and style immediately. But we can customise a solution if you struggle with a specific balding area. Our team designs and creates hair systems perfect for nearly any hair type, density, texture, and colour. We will fit the hairpiece for you, cut and style it! For the best hair toppers in NZ, contact Superior Hair!

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