Everything you need to know about balayage

What is Balayage:

Balayage is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s.The French meaning of Balayage is "to sweep” and is known for the way it displays soft highlights rather than a sharp stripy look. It's a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques.

You know how when you were younger, your hair would go lighter from being in the sun, well, balayage gives off that exact sun-kissed natural looking hair colour! 

 Difference Between Balayage and Ombre:

Ombre is the process in which the hair is dyed in a gradation from dark to light which is why it’s original meaning is "shadow” in French. Ombre results in a lighter colour transition going from the mid-shaft of your hair to the ends and with darker hair from your roots to the mid-shaft.

This means that there aren’t any dark bits of hair at the bottom as the hair is essentially just going from dark to light in the smoothest transition possible. This is completely different to the Balayage technique as with Balayage there are darker pieces left at the bottom which cause extra depth and dimension.

There is also no clear fade between the darker and lighter colours when a balayage technique is used. This creates the final result of being a seamless blend of the highlights and your natural hair colour.

Reasons to get Balayage Coloured Extensions:

  • Perfect Timing: With the hot seasons of Spring and Summer coming, now may be the perfect time to invest into a balayage colour. Balayage will add a natural glow and lighter tone to your hair, giving off the idea that you’ve been soaking up that hot summer sun for weeks! 
  • Looks Amazing: If you are looking for a hair technique that amplifies the long, loose curl or glamorous beach look, then balayage will certainly glam up your style. With your favourite look and balayage combined you’ll be able to see the colour variations spiralling smoothly through to the ends of your hair. 
  • Easy Maintenance: You don’t have to maintain the balayage, only the extensions! So your balayage colour is going to look fresh throughout the whole time you have your extensions. Just remember to get your extensions maintained every 6-8 weeks for the best results!

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