Choosing the Right Length Extensions

Choosing the right length extensions

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Clip-in hair extensions are a fantastic way to instantly add some extra volume or length to your hair, but if you’re new to extensions, it can be difficult to figure out the right length. We discuss the key factors to consider when purchasing clip-in extensions to ensure that you’re choosing an appropriate length. Follow our guide onNZ hair extensions to discover expert measuring tips, and more.

Why are Clip-in Extensions so Popular? 

Clip-in extensions are a popular choice as they can be easily applied at home. In just 5 minutes, you’ll get instant length — you likely spend longer than that on your hair already! Clip-ins are also a removable and reusable mid-length hair extension style, so they don’t require any long-term commitment or heat applications.

Why Length is Important for Clip-ins

Investing in high-quality hair extensions can get costly. You want to be certain that you’re going to get your money’s worth and be happy with the results. Getting the measurements right is important, especially if you’re going to reuse the extensions.  

The key to getting natural-looking results with clip-ins is to put a lot of thought and care into measuring and picking out the length. If they’re too long, they’ll look unnatural; if they’re too short, they’ll be unnoticeable. There’s a lot of variables to consider, but it all comes down to what you want out of your hair extensions.

Whether your goal is focused on volume or you’re just looking to add a few extra inches, finding the right length is always the right place to start. Unfortunately, measuring isn’t quite as easy as most think, leading many unhappy with the results of their clip-in extensions. So how do you measure properly?

How to Measure Clip-ins 

When you invest in high-quality extensions, you don’t want them to be too long and swallow you up, or too short that there’s no difference, so accurate measurements are crucial to achieving results. Measuring for clip-in hair extensions never starts at the roots. You need to measure from where they will be applied — this makes it easier to calculate how much length the extensions will add to your natural hair. Luckily, once you know what you’re doing, measuring for hair extensions is simple. 

Begin with research. Look into how clip-ins are applied and take note of where they’re placed—this is where you’ll want to measure from—you’ll want to begin measuring from the middle of your ears. This can give you the best idea of how much length will be added when comparing the measurement to that of the extensions. For natural-looking added length, staying within about 4-inches is ideal—making clip-ins perfect for mid-length hair extensions.

Common Mistakes

Many will measure their natural hair at its normal texture, but to gain the most accurate measurements, you need to pull the section that you’re measuring as straight as possible. This also applies to the measurements of your desired piece—the length changes depending on the texture. If you’re purchasing curly clip-ins, they will not add the same amount of length as the straight set of the same measurement. 

Another common mistake is ignoring the 4-inch rule of length. Unfortunately, despite the instant “magic” of clip-in extensions, you’re still limited. A subtle increase in length will allow you to naturally blend the extensions and create natural-looking hair. Attempting to add too much length to short hair can look extremely unnatural and draw unwanted attention.

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