Best Bridesmaid Hairstyles Inspired by Current Trends

Best bridesmaid hairstyles inspired by current trends

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Inspired by current trends, we've curated a selection of the most popular hairstyles that are guaranteed to turn heads and complement any wedding theme, all enhanced with hair extensions!

Low Bun:

Low bun

Photo: @robynmunrohair / Instagram

Buns offer a classic and sophisticated option. A low bun is easier to maintain and can be styled for a more relaxed appearance. Extensions can add volume to these styles. For effortless bun look, try Superior Hair Clip In Bun.

Waterfall Braids:

Photo: @clarettefx_beauty / Instagram

For a romantic or laid-back bridal look, waterfall braids are perfect. Our Tape In Extensions blend seamlesly with natural hair to achieve the desired volume and length, ensuring every strand perfectly falls into place.

Curled Ponytail:

Photo: @yvana_sanders_hairstylist / Instargam

Adding extensions to a ponytail can dramatically enhance its length and volume, offering a chic and stylish option for brides preferring their hair down or partially up. For a quick and elegant ponytail, use our Clip In Ponytail Extensions.

Vintage Waves:

Photo: @clarettefx_beauty / Instagram

For those drawn to classic bridal aesthetics, vintage waves are the go-to choice - with our most popular Clip In Extensions! Add the necessary volume and style to create soft, glamorous waves that exude timeless elegance, perfectly complementing any bridal look.

Bridal Braids:

Bridal Braid

Photo: @holliesbraids / Instagram

Strike the perfect balance between boho and elegance with a bridal braids. This versatile style suits a wide range of wedding themes, with our extensions providing the essential volume for a fuller, more captivating look. Create a perfect bridal braid with Halo Extensions.


Elevate Your Bridal Style with Superior Hair Extensions

These popular hairstyles, enhanced with our premium Hair Extensions, promise to add that special touch to your bridal look, ensuring you feel confidently beautiful on your big day. 

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