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Superior Hair Extensions / New Zealand
Whitest Ash Blonde (Colour 60) Nano Tip Human Hair Extensions - whitest ash blonde colour 60 nano tip human hair extensions - 2    - Superior Hair Extensions / New Zealand

Whitest Ash Blonde (Colour 60) Nano Tip Human Hair Extensions

Now  NZD 65.00
Other Info:  18-20inch Long, 25 Strands 25grams per pack. 0.9-1.0gram Strands, • Our Nano Beads are 90% Smaller than the traditional Microbead rings • Luxurious Quality, 100% Human Hair only. Premium Grade Superior Quality Hair.

Our Nano Tip extensions are the next best thing! The soft clamp nano-beads protect your hair during extension wear and offer premium quality hair!  A common question people ask is if the bead is so small, does that mean you need to apply twice as many bonds? The answer is no. The amount of hair in our nano-tip hair extensions, per strand is still a generous 1 gram thick! Because the bonded tip of the extension is specifically designed to fit the small bead. The Nano-Link beads are one tenth of the size of the traditional micro-link beads. Our nano-tips are super safe in terms of avoiding damage, we have soft beads that are also lined with silicone to protect your hair while it’s held in the extension. The tiny beads hide so well in coloured hair and are an especially fantastic solution for blondes who sometimes find other attachment methods harder to disguise.

• Our Nano Tips are 90% Smaller than the traditional Microbead rings

• 0.9-1.0gram Strands, specially designed extension tip to fit safely into the tiny beads

• Lightweight & Comfortable to wear & sleep on

• Re-usable for up to 3 uses when maintained well; move up every 2 months by a professional

• Individual extension strands allow for easy blow drying, styling and washing

• No Glue, Heat or Braiding required to attach the bonds; safer and comfortable to wear

• No pain or harsh remover required to remove the extensions

• 100% Human Hair only. Premium Grade Hair.



The extensions are applied in a similar fashion to microbead extensions, with strands of hair in a shoelace type tip in horizontal rows around your head. Small sections of your hair are threaded through the tiny beads; the extension tip is lined up inside the bead close to your scalp and then neatly clamped closed with special hair extension pliers. These are applied professionally. No glue, no braiding and no heat used to apply these extensions

How many strands of hair extensions do I need?

25-50 Adds some highlights or to disguise hair damage.

75-100 Adds volume to existing long hair

125-150 Adds length & volume to short hair




Each person is different depending on how thick you want the hair, where it is being placed, head size, how it is being applied, and which style or cut etc. The list above is only a guide.

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