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• You must courier to us any items you consider faulty and wish to return. If we accept the items are faulty, we will refund the courier fee to you and replace the item. We DO NOT accept any responsibility for goods returned to us. This is the sender’s responsibility.
• We will not accept unauthorised returns of hair extensions.

If you receive your purchase and are in any way unhappy with it, please contact us. Please also note: before returning or exchanging an item, please make sure the cardboard part of the packaging has not been removed or damaged and the ties holding the extensions to the cardboard backing are still in place. Please do not remove the ties/plastic tags and then attempt to replace them, as this will make the extensions void and your item will not be refunded.

• For hygiene reasons we offer exchanges only on hair products that have not been opened, worn, or tampered with (products can be removed from their plastic sleeve but cannot be removed from the cardboard holder and ties). All packaging must be returned with any return or exchange. 
Postage costs are non-refundable.

• If hair has been cut or coloured/altered in any way, returns cannot and will not be accepted under any circumstances. Dyeing or changing the state of the hair extensions will void any warranty on all hair extensions.

• If you have purchased clip-in extensions, please inspect the hair BEFORE removing the bindings from the hair. Once the bindings have been removed we cannot accept a return.

• If a clip is loose, it can easily be re-stitched back on using normal needle and thread. If a clip is broken, we will happily send you a replacement that you can sew on. Clips can and do break/come loose, and as such we will replace the clip but not the entire hair-extension set. Clips are considered a consumable part of the hair extensions. Removing the bindings indicates acceptance on your part that the hair is in good condition and suitable for your use.

• PERMANENT hair extensions: (I-tip, U-tip, tape-in, easy-loop)
Once permanent hair extensions are installed we are unable to offer a product guarantee. This is because we have no control over where or what the extensions are exposed to when the customer leaves your premises. We also have no direct control on the quality of the work carried out in the installation process. You acknowledge that there are always risks that permanent hair-extension methods could damage hair at your risk.

Our policy is to replace or exchange any item we accept is faulty. Only if we are unable to offer a similar replacement item will we consider a credit or a refund (of the amount paid).
Our right as a supplier: we reserve the right to change prices and information at any time and without notice throughout this website.

• Superior Hair  has three grades of hair extensions: A grade, AAA grade, and premium grade. These ratings have been selected by Superior Hair to distinguish between our grades of hair extensions. Other hair-extension suppliers may have their own grading system. We are confident that our hair extensions are among the best available and as good as, if not better than, those from other suppliers.

• The life of hair extensions is different for each person, depending on care of hair, brushing, use of blow dryers and hot irons, how the extensions are installed, swimming, how often they are washed, etc. Some people like the hair extensions to always look new and replace them regularly. Other people continue to use the hair extensions even though they are not looking brand new.

Due to all these factors, no one can give an exact number of days that hair extensions will last for each person. They can last for many months or be easily ruined if not cared for properly.
We will replace or refund hair extensions that do not meet the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993. However, we will not replace or refund hair extensions subject to normal wear and tear over time (generally hair extensions purchased more than 14 days ago will be subject to normal wear and tear so will not be replaced or refunded) or affected by more than normal usage or usage not in accordance with our instructions.