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The Micro-Ring I-Tip method attaches the extension by threading your natural hair through a micro-ring bead alongside the hair extension, then clamping down the micro-ring to hold the hair extension in place. Thin hair becomes thick and full, and short hair transforms to long, luxurious locks. A range of celebrity-worthy hairstyles are at your fingertips.

Installation Time: 2 – 4 hours

Suitable for: Medium to thick density hair

Cost: For a full head range between $350 to $399 (including 100 strands hair purchase) depending on what length of hair extensions you require.


The cost for a maintenance visits is dependent on the condition of your hair. For Micro-Ring (I-Tip) extensions we recommend booking a maintenance visit to our salon every two to three weeks to check, correct and reapply to cover any regrowth.

We understand that permanent hair extensions can be a long term commitment, therefore we always offer a FREE in-store consultation to recommend the best method for you.

Before and after gallery for Micro-Ring (I-Tip) extensions below: