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Superior Hair Extensions / New Zealand
(Colour 22/613) Hot Fusion Pre-bond Keratin Glue U TIP Human Hair Extensions - colour 22613 hot fusion pre bond keratin glue u tip human hair extensions - 1    - Superior Hair Extensions / New Zealand

(Colour 22/613) Hot Fusion Pre-bond Keratin Glue U TIP Human Hair Extensions

Now  NZD 45.00
Other Info:  A Grade 24inch, 25 strands, 25grams
Our protein pre-bonded U-shape or nail tips are the solution for those who love hot fusion. We have the best pre-bondage tips on the market. They should be applied by a hair-extension specialist with a Hot Tools hair connector iron and are for long-term use. 

Application Time: 2-3 hours for a full head application 

Usage: Can be curled, straightened, toned, washed, and dyed. 

What is the difference between A-grade, AAA-grade, and premium-grade hair?

A: Superior Hair Extensions has three grades of hair extensions. Grading is important to ensure your hair extensions will last through the re-application process, extending the life of your extensions.

Grade A is a medium-grade 100% human hair that has been subjected to a more basic production process than higher-graded hair. 

AAA grade is human hair that is processed to create a more conditioned, longer-lasting hair that can take more washes and stay looking soft, shiny, and healthy for longer.

Premium grade is the highest-quality processed human hair that is available. It has such strength that it is similar in condition to the virgin hair. The hair has been gently coloured to bring you a wide variety of natural-looking European colours. It will remain soft, sleek, and healthy for 6-12 months when maintained correctly.

These ratings have been selected by Superior Hair to distinguish between our grades of hair extensions. Other hair-extension suppliers may have their own grading system. We are confident that our hair extensions are amongst the best available and as good if not better than those from other suppliers.

How many strands of hair extensions do I need?

A: 1gram/per strand hair extensions (I Tip /U Tip / easy loop):
25-50 Adds some highlights or to disguise hair damage.
75-100 Adds volume to existing long hair
125-150 Adds length & volume to short hair
Each person is different depending on how thick you want the hair, where it is being placed, head size, how it is being applied, and which style or cut etc. The list above is only a guide. 

Care Instructions/ More Information

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